[LIVE] KBS Music Bank EP 1084

Check other streams below if the stream is not working!

Broadcast every Friday around 4:50 PM KST

Line Up:  BDC, Bz-Boys, SOLE, TEN, THE BOYZ, Weeekly, Golden Child, KIM WOOJIN, Kim Hye Yeon, Dreamcatcher, Park Ji-Hoon, SUNMI, SKYLE, ASTRO, ONF, CherryB, Hyungdon and Daejun, HYO

♬ Music Bank HOT Stage ★☆


- SUNMI <You can't sit with us>
- HYO <Second (Feat. BIBI)>
- ASTRO <After Midnight>
- TEN <Paint Me Naked>
- ONF <Popping>

<Hot Music>

- Weeekly <Holiday Party>
- Golden Child <Ra Pam Pam>
- KIM WOOJIN <Ready Now>
- Kim Hye Yeon <Gangnam Barn Swallow>
- Dreamcatcher <BEcause>
- BDC <Moon Walker>
- Bz-Boys <Close Your Eyes>
- SOLE <Stay With Me>
- TEN <Paint Me Naked>
- Park Ji-Hoon <Gallery>
- CherryB <OOTD>
- Hyungdon and Daejun <Help Me, Buddha and Jesus>
- SKYLE <Fly Up High>

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