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[LIVE] SBS Inkigayo Episode 1076 (2021-01-10)


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CH 01 (HD)

LINE UP: Kim Sung-Kyu, DKB, BOYHOOD, RAIN, Song GaIn, STAYC, Ahn Ye-eun, ENHYPEN, MCND, woo!ah!, Jeong Sewoon, Hong Eunki

Broadcast starts around 03:50 PM KST every Sunday

# Comeback Special #

- RAIN [Switch To Me (duet with JYP)]
- Kim Sung-Kyu [Climax + Fade]
- Song GaIn [I Like Trot + Dream]
- Jeong SeWoon [:m(Mind) + In the Dark]
- MCND [Intro : MCND AGE + Crush]
- Hong EunKi [ON&ON]
- BOYHOOD [Luxury Big House]

# Hot Music #

- STAYC [SO BAD (Tak Remix)]
- ENHYPEN [Let Me In (20CUBE)]
- Ahn Ye-eun [Waltz]
- woo!ah! [I Don't Miss U]
- DKB [Tell Me Tell Me]

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